Videography Portfolio

Videography is a powerful storytelling tool!

Videography is now the most powerful of all visual mediums showing the biggest increase in post clicks and views than any other. Up to 80% of viewers are able to recall a video they watched in the last 30 days!! – Click here to see the stats

Video can work wonders for your event or business.

It is especially great at showcasing weddings and personal stories as moving images have a way of drawing the viewer in somewhat more than still images do. I get a real kick out of filming people’s live reactions to things as they happen. The love on a mother’s face, the surprise and wonder of a story shared, the satisfaction of personal achievement. All this can be captured on film and treasured forever.

If you think videography might play a part in sharing your story with the world then absolutely contact me for a quote. At Luke Marshall Images we specialise in making this happen. Check out some of the amazing stories below.

For wedding films, go here for packages and pricing.

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