A tale of two Bakers

I’ve heard many folk claim that their city is a ‘four seasons in one day’ type place, yes, even Aucklanders (weird I know).

New Zealand’s capital has it’s own one. “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!”

In retrospect, despite the weather producing a stiff southerly and hacking 12 degrees off the summertime vibes – altogether

Wellington definitely put on a good day for the wedding of Eric & Sarah Baker – because like, a wedding is always a good time!

The wind was as strong as 12 beasts pulling a child’s cart. No joke – check out the random camera strap cameo at Moa Point.

I met some of the loveliest people as well as some old friends. The bride and groom even sang the Lava song for all their guests (Pixar version here).

Wonderful! Congratulations to Sarah & Eric, may your Lava grow.