New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 – The Federation Show

I was especially excited to shoot the Federation show ‘Gentle Savages’, especially having shot a fair bit of their previous collections for a local store here in Nelson.

I knew roughly what I would be seeing, refined streetwear and casual stuffs with a dash dose of brand placement here and there. Fed definitely didn’t disappoint! The current trend of smartening up the street look was evident throughout. Activewear was cleverly blended with dressy winter coats and denim.

Knits & lion motifs caught my eye in scarlet and mustard as well as some rad white socks!

Near the end we were treated with a solid rap performance up and down the runway by local hiphop artist, Kings supported by DJ Dan Aux. Solid beats yo.

Looking forward to seeing it hit the stores!


  • Makeup by Lisa Matson for L’Oréal Paris.


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