Inspired by Ridley Scott's iconic 80's film Blade Runner, Kate…
14/09/2017/by Luke Marshall


New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 - The Federation Show
I was especially…
11/09/2017/by Luke Marshall


I don't even know how to write a fashion blog post but here goes.

09/09/2017/by Luke Marshall

Christchurch Shoot Trip

21/05/2017/by Luke Marshall

Whanganui road trip – Film stories.

From time to time I remember that I have half used films in…
09/02/2017/by Luke Marshall

Tim & Kylie’s beautiful wedding in Riwaka

25/01/2017/by Luke Marshall

Emma Johnstone – Folio Sunset

25/01/2017/by Luke Marshall

Wild Opulence – styled shoot for Together Journal

The Wild Opulence shoot came together fairly quickly earlier…
25/11/2016/by Luke Marshall
© Luke Marshall Images Amy - Studio Test Shoot

Studio Test Shoots: Amy

28/09/2016/by Luke Marshall

Outstanding In Their Field 😛

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing the wedding…
08/06/2016/by Luke Marshall

Wanoa Four

Commercial work is always a fave and shooting the lookbook for…
06/04/2016/by Luke Marshall


Ana & Logan were married on a typically bright sunny day…
03/03/2016/by Luke Marshall

A Wedding Among The Pines

Regan & Jen Turner
For a couple not used to being all lovey…
27/01/2016/by Luke Marshall

Dear Indie


So great to have White Mag feature Wild Hearts again.

26/01/2016/by Luke Marshall

A Lyttle bit wonderful.

Everyone hold onto your hats!

The weather was bright and sunny…
14/12/2015/by Luke Marshall

Rainy, moody, lovely. Renée & Ben Edwards wedding.

Renée & Ben were married at the Calder family farm on a…
13/12/2015/by Luke Marshall

Baken In The Sun – (A Wedding).

Jane married Mic Baken in a gorgeous ceremony at Melrose House,…
07/12/2015/by Luke Marshall

A Dusk Bohemian

Without a doubt, one of my most favourite shoots, the dusk bohemian…
31/10/2015/by Luke Marshall

Die Deutsche Hochzeit Von Karin Und Micha

Before we get stuck in, there's just one thing you should know.

16/09/2015/by Luke Marshall

Matt & Carly’s Melbourne Wedding

Remember these two?

Well a few weeks ago they were married…
04/08/2015/by Luke Marshall

Papercut Patterns Shoot

A few months ago Katie from Papercut Patterns approached me to…
06/05/2015/by Luke Marshall

Hints On A Happy Marriage

Earlier this year in January my grandparents celebrated their…
01/05/2015/by Luke Marshall

Karen & James & Ducks & A Wedding

This was the first time I'd ever been to Tasmania and I wasn't…
27/04/2015/by Luke Marshall

Jordan & Keegan’s amazing Wedding!

It rained but not during the important bits!
Jordan Livingstone…
26/03/2015/by Luke Marshall