Whanganui road trip – Film stories.

From time to time I remember that I have half used films in various late 70’s/early 80’s camera bodies lying around and even rarer still, sometimes I actually finish them. A good friend of mine asked me to help him out on a wedding he was shooting in his home town of Whanganui and for the road trip north I decided to go analog. I finished off a roll of Fuji Superia 200 and then started a roll of Ilford XP2 Super 400 (B&W).

I have to say I’m quite pleased with the results even if there’s a few bright light leaks. Those are fixed easily enough and it serves as a visual reminder that you’re looking at something more special. Film is definitely not dead! The image above is from a recent shoot – yet another few shots tacked onto the end of goodness knows what. And that’s part of the fun and wonder. Getting back a few rolls of fresh process and then the memories come flooding back. I’ve also noticed that film has a distinct tilt shift -like quality to it. Doesn’t really matter where your focal point is there always feels like there’s more depth to a frame.

First shot. Sorry ’bout the light leak! Josh explaining something about frame rates and shutter speeds. I was definitely listening!!

This is the shot I think has the most tangible ’tilt shift’ quality. A simple case of vintage lens vignetting at max aperture but I really like it.

Very happy to get so much clarity taking a picture inside a moving vehicle of another moving vehicle.

Take two was better don’t you think?

Whanganui has some amazing old buildings!! I’d love to get back and explore some day.

All I was lacking here was a light source on my face. I had everything else just perfect but forgot the most important factor – LIGHT!

And here’s a perfect example of how an out of focus shot works with film. I’d discard this shot if it was digital because the expectation is for every shot to be pin sharp. Film is definitely more forgivable!

Loving the grain of the Ilford XP2!!!

Josh got some shut-eye on the flight back home. I got the shot.