Papercut Patterns Shoot

A few months ago Katie from Papercut Patterns approached me to shoot her new range.

Katie designs and makes clothing patterns which are then boxed and sold for you to make yourself! Brilliant.

With the CHAMELEON theme decided and all the garments ready we set about shooting the lookbook studio shots and then it was time for the location shoot.

As the theme for the new range was ‘Chameleon’, it was agreed that the editorial shoot should have the garments subtly blend into the surroundings without being completely invisible. It took a while to find the perfect all-in-one location to fit the various colours and textures but after a lot of hunting we decided on the beautiful gardens of the Garwood property (thanks Sean & Ligliana!).

The gardens featured a wide variety of natives and introduced fauna as well as a giant (protected) gum tree! Perfect for our purposes 😉

Of note is the perfect little natural amphitheatre filled with birch trees and fallen leaves – absolutely ideal for the long Waver jacket look!

Hope you enjoy making and creating these. See below for the final results as they appear on the Papercut website as well as editorial and behind the scenes images.

Check out Papercut Patterns at 

Or on facebook at Papercut Patterns.

HMUA: Michelle Nalder 

MODEL: Bree Robertson

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.26.22 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.59.43 am Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.34.16 am Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.27.29 pm _D3_3668-2 _D3_3716 _D3_3736-2 _D3_3760 _D3_3783 _D3_3802-3Papercut Patterns 1 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 2 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 3 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 4 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 5 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 6 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 7 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 9 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 10 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 12 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 11 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 13 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 14 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 15 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 16 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 17 | © Luke Marshall ImagesPapercut Patterns 18 | © Luke Marshall Images

Hints On A Happy Marriage

Earlier this year in January my grandparents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary, no small feat these days!

I happened to be in the North Island a few weeks previous shooting a wedding so I stopped in to see them on the way through.

I thought I’d surprise them by just opening the door without knocking and waltzing on in to their kitchen.

Nanny, bless her, was putting a pot of tea on (as all good Irishwomen do, it’s always tea time you see) and with failing sight still recognised me.


Grandad was busy organising pages in his stamp collectors book at the kitchen table and looked up with a grin and a “hello, lad!”

Over lunch I asked them if they could think of some things about their relationship that was special, maybe some first impressions or some helpful hints on a long and happy marriage? I gave them the weekend to think about it and said I’d be back to photograph them and do a mini interview as I travelled back home.

Fast forward a few days and I’m sitting back at their kitchen table (more tea please) listening to Grandad read out their top ten ‘Hints On A Happy Marriage’._V8A3712

I was pretty blown away that they’d thought this up together. Even more amazed that Nanny had written it with her vision impairment. “There you go, Bruce, you read it to him.”

“I wrote it out for you, Luke but I can’t see it now.”


So here they are: Bruce & Gwenda Smith’s “Hints on a Happy Marriage” (In no particular order and exactly as they’ve worded it).

1. You need to be good friends as well as lovers. _V8A3704

2.We were told to ‘bear and forebear’, in modern terms, learn to give and take._V8A3724

3. Trust each other. It is important to have implicit trust in one another

4. Laugh a lot together (very important)._V8A3768

5. Keep the romance in your marriage – share at least one kiss a day._V8A3751

6. Even when busy, make time to do things together. Even if there is no spare money, do simple things.

7. Husbands tell your wife you love her. Don’t assume she knows. She needs to be told, especially when life gets a little ‘humm drumm’ and you are going out meeting people and she is at home minding the children._V8A3735

8. When there is a problem, and there will be, you are two different people, you won’t always agree. Talk it through. Don’t bear a grudge, grudges grow to resentment. (Eph 4:26….. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry)._V8A3779

9. Encourage one another, don’t put each other down. It can be hurtful.

10. Important to have the same values._V8A3729_V8A3772_V8A3774_V8A3754_V8A3720_V8A3789